Remember Why You Write

There’s a reason why I write and it isn’t Kindle lists or Amazon rankings. I write Romance.
I write heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, pull your insides out stories with endings that will stay with you for weeks.
At least I used to.
We’ll all agree that the publishing industry is going through great change. When there is great change, there’s great uncertainty. There are no norm’s. Because of this, the buyers and sellers of books are falling back into the tried and true or they’re targeting untapped readership. Writer’s like myself are trying to accomodate. Don’t. It’s a trap.
Go back to your roots. Remember the reason you got into this crazy business in the first place. I’ll tell you mine.
It’s the story of two lovers who can never be together in the world and time period in which they meet. The hero takes the hand of his love. They can only touch. They will never know a night in each other’s arms. Yet their love is eternal. He says, “Through a thousand worlds and ten thousand lifetimes, I will find you. We will meet again. I promise you this.”
That’s why I write Romance.
That’s why I write.

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