Noble Blood Excerpt


The Sun.  Golden glorious rays.  A soft warm caress.  A lover’s touch. She’d never known the white light would burst inside of her, ripple under her skin, tantalize and tease her every sense.
Such power.  From her muscles to her bones to her individual cells, they all cried out with anticipation.  But none more than her core. She wanted.  Not just the energy she absorbed and drank in like a greedy infant.  She wanted more.  Not just the molten heat deep inside her belly.
She wanted him.
If she turned, he’d know. Her body betrayed her, circling to meet his gaze.  She’d never realized there were rings of fire around his irises. His fingers lifted from her shoulders to skim the skin of her neck.  She shivered.  His hands caressed her cheeks, moving to mold each side.
What madness was this?
Their breath became one. So close.  The Sun, now a glorious orb behind them, bathed their bodies in resplendent light.  Their lips parted; ready to drink in the taste of one another.  His hands tightened drawing her closer…closer…


What was he driving at?  All of a sudden, Elena looked at him.  She saw the torch light dance in the midnight of his hair.  She saw the tiny laugh lines around eyes that told her how much he truly valued life, in spite of his careless attitude.
Against her will, her head moved closer to his.  The sounds of the party faded.  Her heartbeat sped up, racing wild as the wind.  She could smell the spicy tang of the desert mixed with his scent and a warm glow grew in her belly.
Was this desire?  True desire?  If so, no words could ever describe the sensation.
This was how a man teased a woman.  But shouldn’t she be trying to seduce him?
Did she dare?
How far could this go before one of them stepped too close to the fire?
His gaze caught and held hers.  She’d never made love before.
They started walking.  As soon as they were far enough away, Elena whirled and threw her arms around his neck.  Alexi’s mouth opened in surprise and she took advantage.  He groaned and his arms tightened about her like two steel bands.   His mouth engulfed hers.  His tongue ravaged the inside of her mouth sending shivers up and down her spine.
All of a sudden, he tore his mouth away from hers.  “I’m not a toy,” he reiterated, his anger like daggers.
Tears flooded her eyes.  She’d insulted him again.  With a heavy heart, Elena realized she couldn’t learn everything from books.  They certainly hadn’t prepared her for a man’s wounded pride.  Or for a Noble pride.  With a hollow feeling in the pit of her stomach, Elena knew the truth.
It was time to leave.

The Joining:  Bound by Blood Excerpt

She smelled of sunlight and sweet herbs, yet he knew only darkness. A line of blood dripped from the wound in her neck. His lust for blood slammed into him.  With the gentlest of intent, D’Nar lifted the hair off her shoulder. Spun red gold, he thought. He leaned in, careful not to touch any other part of her body, and his tongue snaked out toward the thin red stream.
“Will you allow me?”
He sensed her indecision. His breathing labored in his chest.  The craving for the tangy taste of her blood careened about the edges of his lips. D’Nar closed his eyes as he shuddered, trying to rein in the lust created by her blood and her beauty.
“My lord?”
Opening his eyes, he read shocked disbelief in hers. He understood her confusion. He slid his cheek against hers, inhaling deeply.  Her scent, mingled with the coppery tang of her blood, became an intoxicating combination.  Something about her called to the darkness inside him. He didn’t want to give in. He didn’t want to let go.
He slid his lips along the strong line of her jaw. The metallic scent of her blood was driving him crazy.  A fierce urgency gripped him. He leaned closer. A force deep within him kept driving him, driving his need.
“One taste?  To seal the wound?”
The next several seconds became sheer torture.  When she nodded, the dam of control broke with a rush of pleasure as he lapped up the fluid on her neck.
“Remember.  One taste.”
His head swam with the essence of her.  He reared back, knowing he flirted with becoming just as bad, if not worse, as the two young vampyrs he’d saved her from.   But he refused to apologize.  He would never apologize for what he was.

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