The Joining: Bound by Blood


“…..Ride the Mountain storm with me….”

A maelstrom is brewing. His gaze haunts her as no other has. Her beauty makes his insides melt. One caress.  One taste.  Ariel’s blood makes D’Nar’s head swim. A mountain storm erupts. His touch reaches deep inside her secret craving to be loved by a dark, virile vampyr.  Her kiss releases his craving for her softness as well as her blood.  Embers ignite, passion swells, flames erupt as the desert wind swirls around them.
When Ariel agrees to become D’Nar’s concubine, she has no idea that the embers of their passion will erupt into flames of ecstasy.  Nor that this passion will need to survive the growing distrust between their races. Can love grow between human and vampyr? Can it survive an ancient evil bent on revenge?
In order for their world to survive, Ariel and D’Nar need to learn to trust each other.


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