Noble Heart


The story of the Nobility continues…

“In the beginning, there were two.  One twin Evil and the other Good.”           
One sip from a meteorite-infused pool of water and both the Nobility and an Ancient Evil were born. 
The Ancient One isn’t finished with the Nobility.  Elena Kyrinova senses he’s going to kill Alexi Valentin’s sister-in-law, Tara, and her unborn child, so she strikes a bargain with him. If Elena’s successful in saving Tara, Alexi will give her the child she so desperately craves. But circumstance has forced Alexi to become the Head of the House of Valentin, leaving him torn between duty and a promise.   
Can he honor both? Can he find the courage within himself to become the father of a new race? Can Elena learn that being different really is beautiful?  With the Nobility on the brink of destruction, Alexi and Elena must find a way to stop the Ancient One.  To do that, they must learn to trust one another.  Will their strength let them find love as well?  
Together, Elena and Alexi learn that even a playboy who plays at being a magician, and a healer who believes she’s damaged, can learn to accept who they are.  You see, love truly can overcome all obstacles.

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