Yes, you heard it here first. I’m official. I have an ISBN number for my new release DAMNED IF YOU DON’T.  Now I’m not sure how much that means to an ordinary person, but to an author it means no one, at least legally, can ever take my book away from me. Of course that still doesn’t mean I can’t be sued for plagiarism or copyright infringement. But as far as my book goes, I’m the author. My baby is a reality.

My baby is a reality. Think of that for a moment. Savor it. Let the taste slip over the tip of your tongue. A book I created, sweated bullets over, revised until I thought I would gag if I saw the words one more time, then revised even more, gave birth to, sent out to numerous publishers (many of whom decided they didn’t want it), finally found one who was interested, revised again and again until they absolutely adored it and bought it, then edited with a wonderful editor, will finally get a cover and be published.

I can’t tell you how that feels. All I can say is that there are thousands and thousands of fellow authors out there going through the same process. All I can tell them is this moment makes it all worth while. So keep writing and revising! And I wish you this moment for your next WIP. And your next. And your next.

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